Apple often hides some of the technical characteristics of their devices. For example, cupertinos never reveal the exact amount of RAM the iPhone and iPad. However, in the case with their new tablets, which was presented at the end of March, Apple has gone even further. In particular, the cupertinos have not mentioned that the iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3 supports fast charging.

Despite the fact that the announcement of the new tablets was held in 20th March, news started to arrive to users recently. It is the owners iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3 found that the device support fast charging. The cupertinos has not officially confirmed this information.

Users found that the new Apple tablet charged much faster by using a more powerful charger and USB cable-C/Lightning. Similar is the case with other Apple mobile devices. However, in the case of the latest iPhone cupertinos reported that they can be charged with a more powerful chargers.

It is worth noting that many users have long been waiting for when Apple will finally start to match their mobile devices more powerful chargers. However, while the cupertinos are not in a hurry, forcing consumers to purchase such accessories separately.


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