New iPhone, official sales of which started in Russia on Friday in the salons of several retailers that have begun to offer services free ads with margin, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of Avito and “Yuly”.

September 10, Apple unveiled three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Pre-orders for them started in Russia on September 18 (in other countries — from 13 Sep), the sale started on the 20th of September along with other countries. The price of the iPhone 11 is from 60 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro — from 90 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro Max — from 100 thousand rubles. The most expensive smartphone — iPhone 11 Pro Max memory 512 GB will cost 132 thousand rubles.

Retailers previously reported high sometimes times the growth of demand for innovations at the stage of pre-order, the increased interest shown and the first hours of sales. For example, the network re:Store is the most popular model is already not everywhere, but in Ozone, the first batch of new products were sold out in four hours. Enterprising Russians had time to purchase new items began to sell them at a premium.

“Immediately after the start of official sales of iPhone 11 phones started to resell in “Julia”. On average, smartphone users sell for 13% more expensive than the original prices. And resell iPhone 11 not only from Russian but also from foreign stores. Often sellers offer the iPhone from USA, Germany and Australia”, — told in the press service of “Yuly”.

Avito also appeared the first announcement of the sale of the new iPhone, bought in the official shops. “So, at 11 am a resident of the capital put up for sale iPhone 11 Pro with Max memory 256 GB in the new colors Midnight Green, for 250 thousand roubles (official price on the Apple website — 113,99 thousand rubles — ed.)”, — told in Avito.

On “Julia,” most will have to overpay for the iPhone 11 with a storage capacity of 128 GB is the margin on this model in average 38%. Least of all the sellers add to the cost of the most expensive models in the line — iPhone 11 Pro Max memory is 512 GB. This smartphone is on the “Julia” sell an average of only 2.1% more expensive than the original prices. Overall margin on the entire range of Pro and Pro Max is much lower than in the basic model of iPhone 11. The average margin on the iPhone 11 is 29.7%, for a range of Pro — 7.3% and the Pro Max line is only 3%, the company said.

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