Before the presentation of the next-generation iPhone 6 months, but insiders have already begun to restore the image of new products. So, Japanese blog Mac Otakara reported that Apple will receive a reversible function of wireless charging — that is, be able to work an external power supply for other electronic devices that support wireless charging standard Qi.

The first reversible function of wireless charging was introduced in Huawei Mate 20 Pro. She also have a Samsung Galaxy S10, so Apple will not become a pioneer in this field.

The innovation will be useful to owners of new Apple AirPods that can recharge the headset from the smartphone. Similarly, users of Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge the headphones Galaxy Buds.

In addition to the reverse charge, the new iPhone will receive the supplied adapter increased power (18 watts). Thus Apple will solve the issue with too slow charging their smartphones from a 5-Watt device in the kit.

The new adapter will get a USB Type-C connector is USB Type A. However, insiders believe that this year Apple will refuse to use Lightning on your iPhone.

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