According to Korean publication ETNews, next year, Apple plans to change the diagonal of their smartphones. In particular, cupertinos can release the iPhone from 5.4 and 6.7-inch displays.

Sources claim that one of the features of these models will be the Samsung Y-OCTA. The latter allows to place a chip on the touch screen directly on the OLED panel without the need for a separate layer. Such a solution should allow Apple to reduce the thickness of the iPhone.

However, some believe that the transition to the new thinner displays is a kind of signal that kupertinovtsy decided to change the look of your smartphone. In particular, to change the contours of the body or to release the device with a slightly curved screen.

According to sources, displays Samsung Y-OCTA will be used only in the two senior models – iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro 12 Pro Max. The successor to the iPhone 11, to obtain a film display manufactured by LG.


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