In Russia the number 20 started sales of the new iPhone 11. A few years ago, a similar event caused unprecedented excitement among fans who were willing the day to stand at the door of the shop, waiting for an opportunity to make a treasured purchase. Particularly savvy citizens in advance took turns standing in them for a few days, and then, more to the point, they sold their places for the big hundreds of thousands of very fanatical followers of the brand.

In Moscow, queues almost was not, but in St. Petersburg in the shopping center “Gallery” on Ligovsky Avenue somebody slept much since Thursday.

Fortunately, in the last three years, these traditions are less common in major cities of our country, but also in the province. Place in the queue no one is buying, and dealers with websites of flea markets and remain with their “gray” smartphones from Apple.

All this comes from the fact that Apple Included in the first wave of distribution, so to buy a new smartphone on release day, just had to place an order on the website, go to the store and wait until I call your name. So did the first buyer of iPhone 11, while the dealer place for 150 thousand was freezing outside the store since Thursday, but so anything and has not earned.

The website “the St. Petersburg diary”

reports that the most popular was the Pro-version in a dark green case. It is best dismantled, so now there is some deficit of this model. Photo:

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