Sales of new iPhone in Russia will start at 08:00 on 20 September. In Moscow the usual around Apple products, the hype is missing. In turn, on Tverskaya street lined up no more than 20 people, reported the correspondent of “360”.

Waiting on Tverskaya, 27, started borrowing from Thursday evening. The first new product from Apple are mostly enterprising Muscovites. Its place they put up for sale. Ask the average to 15 thousand rubles. In the Network and a higher price tag — about 200 thousand, but the demand apparently was small.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

By the time of this writing, the place in the queue eager to buy neither a fan of iPhone.

The shop which are waiting for their future owners of the new iPhone models, will open at 08:00. During last year’s launch queue in front of the store on Tverskaya reached several hundred people. Them now — a couple of dozen.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Meanwhile, pre-order the new iPhone, compared with last year’s model XR, has increased several times. Most often it was left on a black iPhone 11 Pro memory to 128 GB. The smartphone has become the most popular among those who bought in advance. Interested fans of Apple green iPhone 11.

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