Every year Apple improves the performance of its smartphones, and this year is no exception. According to estimates of authors of the online Macworld Apple A12 will be about 20-30% faster than A11 Bionic.

According to reports, the new Apple’s processors will be manufactured on 7—nanometer process technology. The representatives of TSMC claim that they were able to increase the density of transistors on a chip by 60%.

These indicators suggest that, compared with A11 Bionic energy efficiency of the new chip has improved by 40%, speed increased by 20%. On the one hand, such growth doesn’t look too impressive. But even such values should be enough to iPhone of 2018 showed very good results in various benchmarks, leaving behind most of its competitors.

It is also worth remembering that experts TSMC just can’t do much to raise the frequency on one core. Increase the power of the chip is due to the increase in the number of transistors.


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