The shortage of new iPhone should not be.

In 2017, Apple could release the iPhone X on time. The start of sales of the flagship had to be postponed for a month and a half due to problems with production. Also they made the first batch of iPhone X were sold immediately and for the novelty of a serious deficit. With the new iPhone sample 2018 such problems will not be, DigiTimes reports citing reliable sources.

Component manufacturers have large stockpiles of components for the iPhone X. the Extra components appeared in warehouses due to last year’s decision by Apple to cut the production of iPhone X, associated with a decrease in the rate of sales of the smartphone.

Many of the remaining components for the iPhone X will be used to iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone. Due to this, the latest Apple smartphones will be released in quantity, which is enough to avoid shortages during the period of active sales.

Earlier it was reported that Apple will make a special emphasis on the available 6.1-inch iPhone 9 with a liquid crystal display. The smartphone will have a design in the style iPhone X and support Face ID, but the reduced price, which will be the most attractive to buyers. Apple will try to avoid a deficit of this model, which, according to analysts, will be released in five different colors, including blue and orange.

Source: DigiTimes.


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