iPhone to “make friends” with accessories.

Fans of mobile photography, uses to create images of your iPhone, there is an additional reason for joy. The new iPhone will be able to do more high-quality images thanks to advanced work with accessories for shooting. This is evidenced by the patent filed by Apple for registration.

Patent “the Adaptation of camera systems to auxiliary lenses” describes the possibility of a new iPhone “to customise” accessories for photography. Specially designed system for cameras of the iPhone will be to determine the accessories, such as lenses, and take them into account when shooting. Due to this camera the new iPhone will be able to create more high-quality pictures.

The patent States that the iPhone camera will have the ability to adjust the location of the lens in automatic mode. Image quality will improve with the automatic operation of the system with focus, sharpness, lighting, optical distortion, etc.

In the future, perhaps even the emergence of a special “presets” tailored for specific accessory. In the case of connecting the accessory to your iPhone you can simply activate “preset”, significantly expanding the camera capabilities of the smartphone.

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Source: AppleInsider


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