Last year, Apple smartphones have started to support wireless charging. However, many users continue to charge the iPhone through the wires. Primarily, this is due to the fact that wirelessly charge smartphones Apple for too long. But according to the source, China Times, the cupertinos have already begun to address this problem.

According to reports, Apple is going to use in their new smartphones modified Qi coil. It will differ a little large in size and made of copper wire. This will significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of wireless charging. The reduced coil resistance will help to avoid overheating of the smartphone.

Sources China Times believe that improved wireless charging will appear in iPhone X Plus. But it is possible that it will also be used in the new iPhone X. as for the 6.1-inch handset, the cupertinos will use wireless charging the old type. This is due to the fact that this device should be the most affordable of all.

Recall that according to the latest release of the new Apple smartphone to be held on September 12. This was already reported several different sources.


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