According to data published by the Italian portal iPhone Italia, to buy a new Apple smartphone users already on September 21, just 9 days after the official announcement. However, it is worth noting that we are talking, rather, about the countries of the first wave.

Judging by the screenshot of the internal correspondence of the Italian shipper, September 21 at the warehouse will be delivered 5 697 copies of Apple devices. Next delivery scheduled for September 25. On this day, the carrier will deliver 3 210 devices. And on 26 and 27 September will be shipped another 2 542 of the apparatus.

It should be noted that the same date of commencement of sales in August called the resource The sources of the German portal also mentioned the date when the cupertinos will start taking pre-orders for its new smartphones. This should happen just two days after the official announcement September 14.

As to the date of appearance of new iPhone in Russia, the information on this account yet.


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