The project MO USA “Jetson” began development of a device for special forces units, which will be able to identify the person by the nature of his heartbeat. It is based on infrared laser, and the range reaches 200 meters. The improvement of the device, this distance will increase.
According to the representative Management technical support anti-terrorist operations in the Pentagon Steward Remaly, the identification accuracy is above 95%. So, if the IR heart rate sensor in Apple Watch reads the heart rate depending on how much light is reflected in the bloodstream of the user, the “Jetson” analyzes the tiny vibrations on the skin surface, which are fixed even through clothing.

This means that if recognition is not “enough” of the system of facial recognition, it will Supplement a more stable cardiac biometrics, the accuracy of which reaches 98%. To fix a heart “autograph” device rather 30 seconds.

Now in the framework of the project “Jetson” the armed forces of the United States plan to begin creating the base of the heart “signatures”.

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