Yesterday the specialists of iFixit looked into the MacBook Air the 2018 and assess the repairability of Apple’s new notebook, and today the experts to screw the disassembled Mac mini updated and reviewed all the main design features of this compact nettop.

According to the staff of iFixit disassembled the new Mac mini is relatively simple. The process of dismantling is greatly facilitated by the fact that in a compact computer is almost never used glue and a variety of additional components that prevent access to the main nodes.

The specialists of iFixit confirmed that Apple’s statement that users will be able to increase RAM Mac mini. However, this will have to Unscrew several screws and remove the small panel covering the memory. The rest of the components, unfortunately, replace will not work – CPU and the drive is soldered on the motherboard.

One of the interesting features that iFixit experts drew attention is to provide a use in the Mac mini more powerful power supply. If in the previous version it was equipped with a unit of 85 W, the model 2018, its capacity increased to 150 watts.

With regard to the evaluation on a scale of maintainability iFixit, the new Mac mini has received 6 points out of a possible 10, which is pretty good. Especially if you compare the product with other Apple computers from the last couple of years.


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