Bloggers YouTube channel Winston Moy has created an exact copy of the case of the new Mac Pro and tried to grate cheese in it. The result was not very impressive.

The new Mac Pro, which Apple unveiled at a recent conference for developers, immediately became the object of ridicule because of its design. If the look it actually resembles a grater, will he be able to handle the cheese as well as kitchen appliance?

Bloggers began to take and analyze real Mac Pro. They have created an exact copy, which could be convenient to use in the kitchen. A test drive showed that the lattice of the Mac Pro is better not to attempt to use for cooking. The task she’s doing is not the best way. But a copy made by bloggers, went for a decent bar of soap.

The authors of the video also noted that Apple did a good job on the new Mac Pro, and grill really helps to prevent strong heating of the device.

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