At the end of last week, Apple introduced two new MacBook Pro. Despite the fact that is almost not changed in appearance, they are quite different from its predecessors. For example, the new “Proshka” is noticeably more powerful than last year’s MacBook Pro. This was reported by John Poole, the Creator of the benchmark Geekbench.

Compared with the 15-inch MacBook Pro last year new items are gaining 12-15% more points in single core test and 39-46% in multi-core test. In the case of the 13-inch models, the situation is the same. In the single core test, the increase is from 3% to 11% in multi-core from 81% to 86%.

Such a serious leap in performance was made possible thanks to the additional cores in the processor, as well as increased frequencies of Turbo Boost and the transition to a new even faster SSDS DDR4 memory.

However, despite the success of the new MacBook Pro in benchmarks, doesn’t too well in games. In particular, the fps rate in the game Dirt 3 running on the new 13-inch “Proshka” did not exceed 38.


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