It is expected that the streaming video platform from Apple will become a billion-dollar business.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley say that the service that has not yet been officially announced, by 2025, will generate revenue of $4 billion a year.

Morgan Stanley report, The Emerging Power of the Apple Services, Part 3: Video a New Growth Driver in 2019 refers to analyst Katy Huberty, and claims that Apple Video will become a reality sooner than investors think.

“Even though he is not a pioneer, but attractive and convenient set of client options, along with the simplest system of subscription and payment may lead users on its platform, even with less complete than that of Netflix, a portfolio of content.”

“We expect that streaming service Apple Video with high quality, but a limited catalog, it may be cheaper in comparison with competitors, about $7.99 per month, collect by 2025, more than 50 million paying subscribers, compared with 124 million from Netflix (current subscriber base) and the number of devices with the application installed more than 650 million.”

While Apple is often mentioned in the context of presence in the leading markets of cinema and TV, but Cupertino was not clearly announced its final goal.

SOURCE: Broadband TV News

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