Learned about another patent from Apple that sheds light on the new developments. Thus, the control of the United States patent and trademark office disclosed the application of the American Corporation, in which there is a speech about the new Apple Watch.

It is known that the application for a patent has been issued by the company in may 2018, but the information on the official website of the office of the United States patent and trademark office has appeared only now. In the application discussed antennas “smart” watches that the company proposes to move from the core module of the gadget to the strap. Thus, it is planned to achieve additional device functionality. And what is even more interesting, in the published patent States that the clock display may have the ability to have your fingerprints taken, which implies the presence of Touch ID in the screen.

It is expected that the next generation Apple Watch will be equipped with Touch ID that will allow future users to conduct transactions, confirming them using fingerprints.

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