Soon Apple needs to deal with the improvement of face recognition technology, as well as with the revision of the scanner Face ID. This forecast soon after the presentation has published a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The expert believes that in the next generation iPhone, which will be released in the coming year, Apple will improve the scanner Face ID. In particular, the cupertinos will increase the capacity of the infrared emitter. This is done in order to direct sunlight or too bright light does not interfere with the process of unlocking the smartphone.

In addition, Apple can also fix other shortcomings of existing face scanner. For example, cupertinos can finally make the iPhone recognize its owner not only in vertical but also in horizontal position.

In the report, Ming-Chi Kuo is not spared, and iPad. He predicted next year’s Apple tablets will get an advanced camera that can create 3D models in real time. A similar feature will appear in the iPhone. However, it does not happen before 2020.

Also, Ming-Chi Kuo said that in the near future Apple will release a cheap tablet computer, which should replace the outdated iPad mini 4.


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