Mobile app “Metro of Moscow” for iOS and Android from January 2017 downloaded by 2 million users. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said Deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov.

“2 million users have downloaded the app “Metro of Moscow” from January 2017, when it is made available to users. The number of downloads grows every day for 3-4 thousand Most passengers open the “Metro of Moscow” to build the itinerary. Monthly passengers lay about 2 million routes for the lines of the Moscow metro with the help of this service. The most popular departure points of passengers have become final or close to final station. Other popular topics — travel and news about the metro. We recommend you to download the app — it’s comfortable and functional” — said M. Liksutov.

He added that in honor of this event the Moscow metro will compete for the token “three” with annual ticket without a limit of trips.

“For participation you need from 3 to 7 April to record “Three” with the application “Metro of Moscow” any ticket “Single” or replenish the balance of “Purse” in the amount of 10 RUB. Then enter the number added to the “Troika” on the website On April 8, the random number generator will choose the future owner of the token “three” with annual ticket without limit of travel on metro, buses, trams and trolleybuses of Moscow”, — said the Deputy mayor.

In the app you can refill the card “Troika” with the help of payment service Samsung Pay Apple Pay and credit cards as well as record a preferential subscription on a social card for metro and ground transport. Through push notifications users can be the first to learn about the introduction of new stations and scheduled repairs.

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