Tele2 has summed up the results of the application “My Tele2”, which allows customers to manage services and control expenses with your smartphone. According to the results of the first six months of 2019, the number of active users of “My Tele2” has increased by one third. The application is popular among customers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in regions of Ural and the Volga region.

Leader in the number of application users “My Tele2” expected was the capital region, due to large penetration of smartphones in the Moscow network. Metropolitan subscribers make up about a quarter of the customers “My Tele2”. The second place on popularity of the app were taken by St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast, where approximately 7% of its users. On the third line of the list were Nizhny Novgorod oblast with a share of 6% of clients. High position in the ranking of active users of “My Tele2” the Urals — the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. The share of application users from these regions is also 6%. Subscribers of Chernozem region the app is also popular — the share of customers from this macro-region is 6%, the most active users were residents of the Voronezh region.

Tele2 has analyzed which features of the applications most requested by subscribers. The majority of clients (71%) come to him to check the terms and conditions of its tariff and the rest of the packages. Approximately 60% of the users opens the “My Tele2” to check expenditure and payment. About a quarter of the clients activate and configure via the app additional services. The most popular of them was the option of adding traffic beyond the package rate.

Set the tariff or change it to “My Tele2” more than 16% of subscribers. If you look at the popularity of the function setting “smart fare” in the regions, most often it was changed, users of the Urals and the Volga region: for they accounted for 24% and 19% of transitions to a “smart tariff” respectively. The service proved popular also in Moscow and Siberia took 14% and 12% of clients. The top five leaders of the earth with the figure of 9%.

More than 12% of subscribers open the “My Tele2” to share gigs with other users. With 30% of transactions in the application has implemented the capital customers. Function popular among the users “My Tele2” from the Volga region, the Urals and St. Petersburg — the share of these regions account for 15%, 14% and 9% of operations, respectively.

Also popular is the loyalty program “More”, which offers subscribers bonuses from partners. To access this page, open the app about 20% of the customers of the operator.

Regarding preferences operating systems among the customers of the application “My Tele2”, the shares are as follows: approximately 85% of subscribers choose Android and the other iOS. The most popular smartphones among users of the application have become models of Samsung and Huawei — they account for 20% and 19% of devices respectively. The top three vendors-Apple leaders closes with the figure of 15%. Thus, depending on the macro-region leadership models of smartphones is changing. In Moscow the share of Samsung and Apple almost equal: Apple is in the lead by only 1.5 percent. In other regions of Tele2 championship is for Samsung smartphones. The second most popular vendor in all regions, except the North-West, was Huawei. In the topsoil the overall trend, closes the three leaders of the brand Xiaomi and Apple devices in the macro-region took the fourth position.

Sergei Kolesnik, development Director of digital channel Tele2:

“With the development of mobile apps Tele2 creates a radically new digital space in which the subscriber can quickly and intuitively to solve their problems. Therefore, in the beginning of the month we have updated the design “My Tele2”. It is important to preserve the role of the trend setter in the industry and remain a key player in the digital ecosystem based on mobile services. Encouraging operating performance of the digital channel indicate that we are succeeding. Daily app “My Tele2″ is more than 1 million people, and its audience in the second reaches 20 thousand users. We will continue the transformation of digital services, and Tele2 will offer the client the most comfortable experience of interaction with the operator online.”

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