In the sphere of monetary circulation in the UK there were 2 events, which paradoxically complement each other.

So, the Bank of England presented to the public the design of the new banknotes are in denominations of £ 20, which depicts the British artist William Turner. The most interesting thing about them is that the currency note is made of polymer plastic and has as many degrees of protection against counterfeiting that it has already been called the most reliable compared to other pound denominations.

In the appeal it will be available from 20 Feb of next year (that is, 20.02.2020), and in circulation now bills for 20 pounds with picture of Queen Elizabeth II will be gradually withdrawn. The next novelty — bill of £ 50 with the image of famous mathematician Alan Turing will go into circulation in 2021.

Plastic bills are gradually becoming prevalent in different countries of the world. These banknotes were released even in Russia — world Championship on football of 2018 has released a special series of plastic banknotes of 100 rubles. Now they resell to collectors at a price of 200 to 1000.

At the same time the Royal mint of great Britain announced the release of the first Bank card made of pure gold. Debit card payment system MasterCard will cost its owner in 18 £ 750 or 1.5 million Russian rubles.

To the map you can choose an individual design, and map data on it will be engraved (including the owner’s name and signature). All transactions on the card account will be free for the customer, he will also receive the standard services like a Concierge service.

It is unclear just what will be the validity of the card, where it will need to take after graduation, and will give instead the same new card. Prior to this Bank card made of precious metals were left to the discretion is that of Arab sheikhs.

But just a metal Bank card is not a new one. Card titanium already produces the Apple company together with the Bank Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. According to customer feedback, the map is not fully made of titanium, and has impurities. It also very quickly loses its appearance.

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