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User iPhone XS from Australia shared with the community Apple very interesting history. The owner of the newest smartphone managed to get the money back for the device which has failed after being in water for a short time. To make this happen in an unusual way — the user literally had to catch the company in a lie.

The history of the XS iPhone owner from Australia told on the resource Reddit, where just 8 hours of his post received more than seven thousand of pluses.

In early December, 2018 user the newest Apple smartphone worth $999 dropped it in the pool depth 1.1 m, He instantly pulled the smartphone out of the water, turned it off and gave the device to dry as stated in the official recommendations by Apple on interaction with the iPhone after contact with water. Several hours later, the iPhone XS is involved and earned as usual.

But after a few weeks the iPhone started to fail to reboot every 8 minutes. Reset, flashing via iTunes and other methods did not help to restore the health needs of the smartphone, so the user turned to the Apple store.

The Apple store employees took the the iPhone and took it apart to examine the condition of components. After two hours of work on the iPhone, the company’s specialists said that in the smartphone there is damage after contact with liquid. And since it is not covered by warranty, despite the watertightness iPhone, the iPhone XS proposed exchange in a new smartphone for 600 Australian dollars (28 million rubles).

Disheartened iPhone owner decided not to give up and appealed to the store Manager. The main user argument was that during the presentation of the iPhone XS senior Vice President of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller said in plain text:

“If you drop the iPhone XS in the pool — don’t worry! Dive for it, pick it up, dry it and it will be fine.”

We found this time during the presentation of Apple, you could listen for yourself:

In the case of an affected user, the iPhone XS is not were in order after contact with the water in the pool. And this latest one is the owner and decided to make a start.

The user could not directly in the Apple store — there have insisted on the replacement iPhone for the money. Then he filed a complaint with the Department of consumer protection your state, accusing Apple of misleading statements. An employee of the Department has made to the complaint of the user through six different employees got to the top managers of Apple Australia, who endorsed the refund to the affected user. Justice has been served!

Source: Reddit.


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