Paper ticket “Single” will not work on the turnstiles of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC), the fare can be paid all the modern methods, including map “Troika”, the materials for the meeting of the Presidium of the government of the capital, which took place on Tuesday.

The first two diameter — IDC-1 “Odintsovo-Lobnya” and the IDC-2 “Nahabino-Podolsk” — is scheduled to launch in November 2019. The schedule of work of the IDC will be the same as in the Moscow metro — from 05.30 to 01.00. Trains will run in clock mode with an interval of 5-6 minutes during peak hours.

“At WDC will not be paper tickets One. This is due to the technical limitations of the chip used in the paper”, — stated in the materials.

As noted in the Metropolitan Department of transportation, for payment to act of paper tickets for commuter trains, but the free transfer to the metro and MCC when they are used will not.

“In addition to ticket “Wallet” card that passengers can use to pay the fare all the tickets of the Moscow underground, which is written to the Troika. For tariff plan 2019 is the tickets for 60 trips, 1 day, 3 days, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days. These tickets are valid for payment in the “Central” zone”, — added in Department.

The DMV added that the turnstiles at the stations and the IDC is equipped with terminals for contactless fare payment. Passengers will be able to pay off the cards that support the technology PayPass/PayWave, and gadgets with technology Samsung Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay. The cost if you pay us for the IDC contactless and cashless ways when traveling at a “Central” area will make 42 roubles. The fare for non-contact and non-cash payment in the “Suburbs” and “Far” are now being agreed.

“On the map “Arrow” in the box office record CFPP tickets that will be valid on WDC, but in this case you will have to act free metro transfer and CIP. After completion of the card “Arrow”, in the future it may be possible to pay change to subway transport card of Moscow region”, — said the press service.

The project of the Moscow Central diameters envisages connecting the radial rail and run through traffic of passenger trains through the centre of the capital. By 2025 it is planned to create five lines linking the cities suburbs non-stop by rail via Moscow.

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