Peeling the roll is loved by many girls due to the efficiency and ease of use. It belongs to the chemical exfoliation, but this method of care is perfectly safe: the price in the form of gel or cream gently cleanses the skin from dead cells, improving metabolism (which peels and scrubs chosen by the editors BeautyHack, read here). We offer you to get acquainted with the best options in our collection.

The peel-roll with chamomile Librederm

Peeling from Librederm is not only cleansing but also caring. Chamomile extract is included in the composition, has a calming effect and relieves redness. Lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells and reduces the density of comedones (useful facts about this problem, please find here). Use regularly to smooth the microrelief of the skin and achieve radiant.

Apply on wet skin with fingertips, massage over face before the formation of lumps, then rinse with water. The product is also suitable for the care of very sensitive skin, but not peredergivaete the bedroll to avoid side effects.

Price: RUB 426

Peeling cream Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream, Tony Moly

In Asia on the peels-scattah know everything — that there was introduced a similar tool. The price is in the range of the Korean brand Tony Moly which specializiruetsya natural ingredients. Facts about the Korean cosmetics you need to know here.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream is a multifunctional roll with Apple extract, which allocates keratin. It moisturizes the skin and keeps moisture in it, and the active ingredients cleanse and control the activity of the sebaceous glands. After application, the skin fresh and soft.

Price: 1 140 RUB.

Peeling the price Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel, Mizon

Anti-aging gel-the price for person is suitable to different skin types. Multifunctional treatment contains glycolic and fruit acids that gently cleanse the skin of impurities. Other acids aimed at combating pigmentation and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, which makes the product essential for elderly care.

Price: 990 RUB.

Smoothing cream-peeling Doux Peeling Clarins

Gentle peeling Clarins — care, which gives a feeling of comfort, eliminates excess sebum and supports pH balance. The composition is filled with minerals and extract of burdock, their properties soothe and nourish the epidermis with moisture. After Skadi the skin becomes soft, the black dots disappear and the face looks fresher.

Price: 2 250 RUB.

Gel Smoothie Peeling Gel Berry Apple Festival, Holika Holika

Gel-peeling from Holika Holika (about beauty history of the Korean brand here) is a vitamin complex for skin care. After use, it becomes taut and stretchy thanks to the orange extract. The feature of this Skadi is that under the influence of temperature, the gel turns into oil, which deeply cleans and eliminates flaking.

Price: 740 RUB.

Text: Snetkov Diana

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