Moscow, may 24 — “News. Economy” the Bloated budget of the Ministry of defense together with the venture capital of the CIA helped to create tech giants, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and PayPal. Then the government enters into contracts with these companies to help in military and intelligence operations. While such contracts do high-tech corporations even more powerful.

In recent years, traditional banking, energy and industrial companies from the Fortune 500 retreating such technology giants as Apple and Facebook. But the technology on which they rely originated from taxpayer-funded research and development of the past decades, says the Director of the Plymouth Institute for peace studies (PIPR) Dr. T. J. Coles (T. J. Coles).

The Internet began as the ARPANET project, funded by the U.S. Department of defense. The same satellites that provide modern online communication, and allow U.S. aircraft to bomb their enemies, as well as GPS that allows online stores to deliver the goods to the recipients. Touch screen technology, Apple has emerged as a tool of the U.S. air force. The same drones that record amazing videos are modified versions of military drones Reaper and Predator.

Funding U.S. Department of defense is the basis of modern high-tech economy. But these dual-use technologies. Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and PayPal, indirectly, and sometimes directly, connected with the military-intelligence complex of the USA.

A recent report by the Open the Government reveals the extent of Amazon contracts with the Pentagon. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezosa, the company is estimated at $1 trillion, and the state of Bezos is estimated at $131 billion. The report says that a large part of the US government so tightly tied to Amazon that the tech giant opens a branch office near Washington.

Services provided by Amazon include cloud contracts, machine learning and biometric data. But what’s more, Amazon expects to award lucrative it contract with the Pentagon in the framework of the program of creating a joint framework for the protection of enterprises or JEDI $10 billion

The project is a Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), on which the Pentagon announced in March 2018, provides for the transfer of all data of the US defense Department into a single cloud. The winner of the tender must be selected before the end of April 2019 in Addition to Amazon and Microsoft, participation in the program JEDI claimed Google, IBM and Oracle, but these three companies dropped out of the race.

In the race for providing the cloud services to Pentagon favorite is the company of Jeff Bezos. According to rivals Amazon, the contract of the Pentagon designed to win Amazon Web Services. Oracle and IBM tried to challenge the procurement process, chosen by the defense Ministry, and to appeal to the audit chamber of the USA (Government Accountability Office, GAO). However, the claim was not satisfied.

The list of services that Amazon provides military also includes software for monitoring and recognition of individuals for police and the FBI, and provided racial-gender identification tools for the Department of homeland security. Ten percent of the profits of subsidiaries, Amazon Web Services comes from government contracts. The departments included the State Department, NASA, the Office of the food and drug administration and the Centers for control and prevention of diseases.

In 2013, Amazon has won a contract with the CIA commercial cloud services (C2S) for $600 million Second headquarters of Amazon, will be built in Virginia, where the CIA is based. Despite repeated requests, the company refuses to disclose her personal devices, such as Amazon Echo, associated with the CIA.

But Amazon is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Dr. Coles, in the mid 90-ies of the future Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin used grants from foundations associated with the Pentagon and other government funds for the development of search engines and apps to rank pages. Around the same time the CIA and the national security Agency funded a program of “Massive Digital Data Systems” (MDDS).

Brin has received funding from the MDDS program. According to Professor Bhavani of Thuraisingam, who worked on the project, “the intelligence community… essentially provided Brin seed funding, which was supplemented by many other sources, including the private sector”. The patented part of Google PageRank was developed as part of MDDS. Two entrepreneurs, Andreas Bechtolsheim (which was created by Sun Microsystems) and David Cheriton, both of which had previously received the money of the Pentagon, was an early investor in Google.

Project Maven was launched by the Pentagon in 2017 as an application for machine learning that helps drones to distinguish people from objects. Technology and personnel was provided by Google, many of whom left in protest after it became clear that the project was aimed at the destruction of Iraqis and Syrians.

In 1999, the CIA founded a venture capital firm Peleus, which later became In-Q-Tel. One of the companies In-Q-Tel was the mapping firm Keyhole bought by Google in the mid 2000’s and later turned into Google Earth. For several years the military used Google Earth for guidance on facilities in Afghanistan. In 2005, In-Q-Tel invested in Google $2.2 million In 2010, of the CIA and Google have invested in Recorded Futures, a company tracking social networks.

Another well-known technology billionaire, Peter Thiel created PayPal and Palantir. Due to investment from In-Q-Tel in the amount of $2 million, Palantir was launched in 2004 and provide services on data analysis for the CIA in Afghanistan and Iraq. Recently Palantir technology was tested in New Orleans in the framework of predictive threat assessment for local law enforcement.

Palantir creates a digital network of people whose personal data is collected from different sources. The technology analyzes the data stream and issues the alleged, potential, future suspects, along with such signatures as “a Colleague…”, “Living with…”,”…”, “Brother and sister… and Lover…”. Palantir is also used by the immigration authorities of the United States.

These and other examples show that the ulterior motive of the Pentagon is funding high-tech industry, to stimulate the new economy. The same high-tech technology that exists in the so-called system of “free enterprise”, not only creates a monopoly, but does it with taxpayers ‘ money. And consumers then pay for the services provided by these tech giants.

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