John Whitehead argues that the US government spends more money than it receives from taxes. Because of this, States are forced to borrow from other countries to continue to Finance the ever-growing military spending, while American health and education are in poor condition due to lack of funding. The U.S. Department of defense, according to Whitehead, intentionally inflates the defence budget every year to ask more and more money.

As evidence of unreasonable expenses of the military-industrial complex, he cites a report by the American non-profit organization Open the Government, according to which the Pentagon spends huge sums on purchases not related to the defense of the country. Among them, for example, a leather chair for 9241 dollar elite alcohol on 308994 dollar Golf carts on 673471 dollar, musical instruments (piano and trombone) on 1.7 million smartphones and tablets Apple 7.7 million, sports equipment and simulators 9.8 million and, finally, even lobsters and crabs 4.6 million.

Since 2001, the us government has spent on military operations abroad about 4.7 trillion dollars, with more than half a million people were killed in the fighting. But the government has decided to reduce in 2020 all costs, except military, 5%. The draft budget notes that the priority for Washington is the opposition of Russia and China, as well as the containment of North Korea and Iran.

In its request to Congress on March 11, trump asks to increase defense spending 750 billion dollars, while the United States spends in Iraq in five seconds more money than the average American manages to earn for the whole year. Whitehead sums up the disappointing: it says that the United States are heading for bankruptcy, and the country has the visible evidence of decline in almost all areas. However, the government, according to him, it did not bother.

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