IPhone owners are subjected to unusual attacks.

Function to send files between iPhone AirDrop began to use to send to strangers vulgar content. Cases of obtaining indecent images are recorded so much that they have already given their own term — Cyber-flashing (“Cyber flash”). How to disable AirDrop and eliminate the risk of receiving obscene images on the iPhone told in this material.

AirDrop is designed for quick and easy file transfer between iPhone. She appeared in iOS 7, but many users still not aware of the fact that it is enabled on your iPhone by default.

This and started using perverts or just fans of the “joke”. They send various lewd images, often of a sexual nature, on your iPhone casual users. The victims of such attacks are already thousands iPhone owners. And such cases are becoming more.

Fortunately, disable AirDrop is very simple. To do this, run the “control Point” by swipe down from the top of the display (from the upper right corner on the iPhone X/XS). Then you want to hold for a second on the field with icons “Aviarium”, “Cellular data” Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and in the appeared window choose AirDrop. In the AirDrop options, select the “Welcome off” to disable the function or “contacts Only” to the option continued to work for the added contacts.

Apple have already signalled the existence of a problem. It is possible that in future versions of iOS will add more explanation about how to use AirDrop.

Source: Yahoo.


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