At stations of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC) in test mode started to install security gates in the colors of the diameters, reported in a press-service of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow.

“For the launch of the Moscow Central diameters of station put in order, repair platform, install weather modules and canopies, landscaping of the adjacent territory. Some of the elements of the stations will be painted in colors diameter — “physalis” and “fuchsia”. Now in test mode already has two point guard in the color “fuchsia” station “Dmitrovskaya” the second diameter. To run the project, such plan to install on other stations WDC”, — stated in the message.

Specifies that the color of the diameters will also be on the elements of weather modules, which began to be installed at the stations. Just to start the IDC on the first two diameters will be installed over 230 weather modules. We are working on installation at stations “Krasnogorsk” and Anikeevka, already completed at the station “Novodachnaya” and Khlebnikovo. At some stations instead of the weather modules set the sheds the full length of the platform. In addition, color “physalis” and “fuchsia” painting the elements of the cash boxes, the ends of the platforms, buildings and other facilities of the stations included in the routes of the first and second diameters. This will allow you to visually identify the station. Color elements will be integrated in the passenger navigation.

Also at bus stops repairing the cash register, applied luminous stripe security and build a comfortable gatherings. Work on the improvement of the stations to run the IDC conducts JSC “Central PPK”.

The launch of the first diameters, according to JSC “RZD”, scheduled for end 2019 IDC-1 “Belarus-Savelovskaya” and the IDC-2 “Kursk, Riga” is 132 km, 66 stations, 27 of which you can take the metro, the Moscow Central ring or radial direction of the railway. To pay the fare at the IDC will also be Bank card payment systems MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay and the WORLD and gadgets, with the Samsung Pay feature, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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