Very profitable!

the iPhone 7 has become one of the most popular smartphones in Russia in 2018. In 2019, the position of the iPhone 7 can only improve as the price of the smartphone continues to go down. Today a decent discount on the iPhone 7 made retailer Tmall, bringing the price of the device fell to 31 thousand rubles. This is the absolute minimum in the official retail.

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From the beginning of 2019 iPhone 7 cheaper. First discounts were noted authorized Apple retailers. For example, in the “Beeline”, the smartphone can be purchased for 34 990 rubles. Similar discounts on the iPhone 7 has installed and many other retailers.

But the platform Tmall has decided to go even further. The official price of the RST-version of the iPhone 7 in Tmall fell to 31 720 rubles. Before in the official retail for such a low price of “seven” was not.

And of course, this is a new original iPhone, 7 intended for sale in Russia. Tmall sells PCT version of the iPhone 7, which have a full warranty. Price iPhone 7 fell within the new sales Tmall, which fell and many other Apple smartphones. Sale will last seven days.


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