Today the infrastructure of the payment system demanded and implemented in such a way that buyers were comfortable to make a purchase in any way. But the main requirement, of course, is that these ways as much as possible. That is why almost all firms and companies try to organize their activities so that all channels were in the same solution.

What can be meant by “a single decision”?

To enable the customer to make purchases online using a multi-payment form. It is important that on this form remained the brand company logo.

For the consumer there is a possibility to pay for purchases from the mobile app in advance of tying the map or using another alternative method.

In addition, you can make the payment via telegram-bot or pay by phone using a virtual terminal.

An important detail in that the “same solution” is to pay one-touch Apple Pay or Google Pay.

All of the above is the principle of omnichannel for banks, companies and other interested parties. Otherwise, the term can be interpreted as the application of a certain structure from many communication channels to maintain dialogue with the clients, instant messengers, social networks, emails and so on. All this improves service quality and directly affects the sales growth.

Which units are common for all channels in this system?

The same profile or a potentially future client and partner.

The existing catalogue with description of all the goods and services.

The list, which describes all the activities of the company.

But of course, not for each channel operation will be completely identical. But the basic information should still be in all sources.

Today in the Russian market in the provision of such services play virtually alone monopolists. One of the most popular and used technologies are SBC Tehnologies. Why they can be known to you:

They have implemented a P2P-service in nearly eighty banks.

They also developed the principle of the pass to the business lounge Sheremetyevo airport for international payment systems.

And their online service for issue and redemption of loans today enjoys eighty percent of the market participants in Russia and the CIS.

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