In benchmarks UserBenchmark was made public the test results and characteristics of engineering sample AMD processor, code-named Flute, which can be used in the upcoming game console Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett.

Characteristics of the processor

Microsoft Xbox Scarlett Project will be built on a custom 8-core AMD processor Flute with architecture Zen 2 and 16 threads thanks to the support of multithreading. The base clock speed is 1.6 GHz and Turbo is 3.2 GHz. The CPU used in Xbox Project Scarlett is different from the desktop versions, lower power consumption and TDP, as was the case with the Jaguar chips in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The performance of the CPU

Based on published characteristics of engineering sample AMD Flute will be at least 2 times the performance of Jaguar. Note that Microsoft previously promised 4x performance boost the Xbox One to X.

The graphics subsystem

Information about the graphics subsystem AMD Flute practically not known apart from the name NAVI 10LITE that has already been discovered in the AMD drivers for Linux. Presumably, the “lightweight” of the video processor will differ from NAVI 10 reduced number of stream processors and operating frequencies.


Based on UserBenchmark, Xbox Project Scarlett has 16 GB of RAM, presumably GDDR6 format, which traditionally would be used as VRAM.

Release dates

The release dates of Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett yet this was not, but it is unlikely that the console release will take place before 2020.

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