At the end of last week in the report of China Times was reported that Apple finally will revive its line of iPad mini in 2019, which had not been updated with 2015.

According to the insider Benjamin Heskin, the design of the new tablet will be similar to the design of the iPad mini 4. At the same time insider Steve Hammerdorfer (@OnLeaks) stated that the render from Eskina based on a prototype iPad mini 5 from 2016 — the image does not reflect the actual design of the latest iPad mini.

The design of the iPad mini 5 from Benjamin Heskin

If the iPad mini 5 will be real, it will probably be very similar to its predecessor. But the frame that surrounds the display will be much thinner. Also, as new iPad Pro tablet compact will be deprived of Home keys.

What is known about the iPad mini 5?

Mass production of iPad mini 5 will begin in the end of this month, and the sales of “Apple” tablet will appear early next year. No details about the design or features of the tablet have not been reported. The network has already appeared a photo of the cover of the upcoming new items, showing that the iPad mini 5 will retain the 3.5 mm headphone Jack may have a stereo speakers as well as an improved main camera.

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