As it turned out, prosecutors didn’t make Roskomnadzor to engage in the lock of a huge number of IP addresses for limitations Telegram reports

In the spring of 2018 Roskomnadzor began to try to block the messenger Telegram on the territory of Russia. To do this, the Agency is actively frustrating the work of millions of IP addresses, which had disrupted the work of many companies.

One of them – Posters & Legends – filed a lawsuit on Roskomnadzor, in order to achieve justice, and it is here that we found out interesting details.

In order to explain their activities, Roskomnadzor was covered by the decision of the Prosecutor General. But as it turned out, it was not: the latter said demanded block in a Telegram just seven accounts that promote terrorism, and some services to bypass locks.

Thus, prosecutors may no longer be a defendant in the suit Posters & Legends, and the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Roskomnadzor. Now the Agency is accused of excess of powers, and Posters & Legends and others affected by the activities of structure of the company can win the case and receive compensation.


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