Roskoshestvo updated list of the best smartphones complement it with new models. Find out what the device recommends that the Agency and why.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

New big flagship of Samsung’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary. However, this was enough to lead this “top”. Experts are praising its giant 6.4”display, and in contrast to complain of large size. Another quality secrete capacious battery 4000 mAh, during testing, the machine survived 29 hours of active use. Not without praise and stylus S Pen — special feature Galaxy Note. In addition to the core functionality (drawing, screenshots outline and context menu) it offers the function of remote control for the camera — a useful option for mobile photographers who shoot at slow shutter speeds. And by the way, the camera also received high praise.

2. iPhone XS Max

Neck and neck with the “Korean” is a great smartphone from Apple. You can even hold the Parallels between them: both are equipped with the best OLED screens on the market, dual-cameras with optical zoom, stereo speakers, powerful hardware and capacious batteries. On the side Samsung the ability to use a stylus, the iPhone also impresses with an inexhaustible supply power chipset A12 Bionic and corporate services. Experts Roskoshestvo find fault with the fragility of the body –after 50 drops of the green stripes on the screen 100 after the case was broken. Considering the cost of repairs, it is better to get a protective case, not hope for the best.

3. iPhone XS

Compact version of the iPhone is also worthy of attention. From XS Max it is not only the size but also the autonomy to place the same capacious battery in a compact package failed.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9

The traditional flagship from Samsung has been praised for its strength, it without special problems has stood the test in a rotating drum. Experts impressed record slow-mo video with a frequency of 960 frames per second. One issue though — the finger scanner is planted close to the “eye” of the camera, so she quickly covered with fingerprints.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Same as S9, but with a larger display, powerful battery and dual camera. Somehow, he scored slightly less points in metrics Roskoshestvo, which is located at the position below.

6. Samsung Galaxy S8

Surprisingly, last year’s flagship Samsung is not losing ground. Perhaps we should argue the reverse — the new smartphones are not as far to drop last year from the accounts.

7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

New from Huawei is in seventh place. Experts praised the potential of his threefold cameras, especially night vision. Also noted capacious battery 4200 mAh and fast charging. In the cons recorded the fragility of the body — the camera did not survive the test drum (in one case crashed the display, another glass back cover).

8. iPhone XR

Regarding the budget iPhone was in eighth place ranking. Its main advantage experts call high strength — unlike Huawei Mate 20 Pro and older models of the Apple he coped with the drum test, escaped with only scratches. Noted and the unlock system Face ID — she works quickly and precisely in all conditions, but does not recognize the owner in the horizontal orientation. In addition, the model showed excellent results autonomy, although the reload speed leaves something to be desired. Also praised the screen and camera, but according to these parameters the smartphone was behind the older versions of the iPhone.

9. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Another one of the “guest from the past” could be in the top ten. And again from Samsung. As in the case of the Galaxy S9+, it is larger and more Autonomous ordinary version of the flagship. However, this time no dual camera.

10. iPhone 8 Plus

Closes the “top 10” of last year’s flagship from Apple. Experts Roskoshestvo out the support of wireless charging and high quality videos.

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