The richest man in Taiwan, Terry GOU decided to run for President of the partially recognized country, says Taiwan News. For this, he withdraws from them based business.

GOU announced his resignation as head of Foxconn (the official name is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.), however, he noted that will remain part of the Board of Directors. His decision he explained the desire “to work for the benefit of the Republic of China [official name of Taiwan]”.

Presidential elections on the island will be in January 2020. GOU intends to run from the Chinese national people’s party (Kuomintang). From 1928 to 1949 it was the ruling throughout China, but then, after the defeat in the civil war with the Communists, was forced, under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek to flee to the island of Taiwan, establishing the Republic of China there. Until 1971, Taiwan had representation in the UN, then its mandate was transferred to mainland China — people’s Republic of China. Beijing still considers the island its legitimate territory, but the sovereignty of Taiwan recognizes 20 — mainly small — countries.

Until the late 1990s years the KMT was the ruling party of Taiwan, and then won presidential and parliamentary elections alternately with the Democratic progressive party. Currently, the KMT is in the opposition.

Foxconn was founded by GOU in 1974. The company is engaged in electronics manufacturing, its products are used by Apple, Sony, Microsoft and other international companies. The state of Goa is estimated at $ 6.6 billion, making him the richest man in Taiwan.

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