Many users complained that after installing iOS 11.4 gadgets batteries began to run out faster. Apple has promised to fix this in iOS 11.4.1 and kept his word.

It looks like the Corporation from Cupertino have finally managed to produce an acceptable version of iOS 11.

11.4.1 iOS has several features. First, it provides protection from hacking when connected via USB. Lightninhg connector remains active only for an hour after the last valid input code password. It will complicate the work as burglars, criminals, and intelligence personnel.

Second, the stock battery has to sit in memory. Previously, the Apple support forums and third party services have been inundated with user complaints that the iPhone battery sits down very quickly. This applies to all devices, regardless of the degree of wear of the battery.

11.4.1 iOS came just a few days ago, but many owners of Apple’s smartphone have already noticed that were less likely to charge the gadget. Now in normal use, the smartphone’s energy is enough for several hours more than before the updates with iOS 11.4. Some of the cost, without charging for an entire day.


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