Popular Chicago newspaper the Chicago Tribune conducted an independent study and found that radiation from certain models of Apple’s smartphones exceed the thresholds established by Federal communications Commission of the United States.

For testing the journalists of the Chicago Tribune contacted the company RF Exposure Lab. Researchers carried out all measurements in accordance with the rules of the regulator of the USA: the measurements were carried out on standard distances – 5, 10 and 15 mm from the surface of the skin. Moreover, we conducted an additional test at a distance of 2 mm. it should be noted that the test simulated worst-case scenario – long conversation on the phone in an area with a weak connection.

After a series of tests experts found that the highest radiation generates iPhone 7. The laboratory staff tested four different apparatus. In all cases, the radiation level exceeded the threshold.

The safest Apple smartphone, according to experts of the laboratory RF Exposure Lab, is an iPhone 8 Plus. Its rate of radiation are within the standards of the Federal communications Commission of the United States.

It is noteworthy that the Chicago Tribune in conjunction with RF Exposure Lab tested smartphones and other manufacturers. In particular, the test was Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, E5 Motorola Play Motorola G6 Play and Vivo 5 mini. All of these vehicles exceeded the allowable limits of radiation.

While studies of the Chicago Tribune responded only Apple. According to representatives of the Apple company, the tests were made, and the results are not true. Separately cupertinos note that all iPhones have gone through all the certification for sales in any country where they are available.


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