On the roads of the UK and Australia is testing a new system to punish drivers using smartphones behind the wheel. Reported by the BBC.

As you know, most accidents happen due to the fact that the driver was distracted while driving. Modern motorists often look to the smartphone and not on the road, which affects traffic safety.

To reduce the number of accidents, the service of the United Kingdom began to implement a new intelligent system. Along the roads of the UK and Australia have already installed an interactive traffic signs light up if the driver uses an iPhone or other gadget behind the wheel.

While the system just warns that delay device. But soon motorists will start to get some real penalties, like speeding.

Smart cameras help to determine whether the driver holds phone in hand and sign actually indicates that this place has a special antenna to monitor the situation.

While the system focuses more on the analysis of radio-waves than on the image. Because of this, several problems arise. First, the controls can’t determine who is using a smartphone — the driver or the passenger; second, the active Bluetooth connection is greatly distorts the picture, the antenna records the signal, even if the smartphone is far from the person behind the wheel.

Experts are looking for ways to improve the mechanisms work. Every year the number of accidents occurring due to smartphones, increases, and road services intends to reverse this trend.


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