The Russian government decided to engage in surveillance of a review of social network users using the system “Incident management” from the company “Medialogia”. It is reported 4PDA.

This program is able to check “Vkontakte”, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and “Facebook” in the comments of particular key words. The list is not disclosed until it is clear that they must be negative and critical in nature.

The results go to the administrator to determine which messages deserve attention and which are not. In the first case statement is stored and distributed in one of the thematic groups or the so-called incident.

Thus, the government wants to know about what I think the residents of the regions on the activities of the authorities. As reported, it is necessary for communication with the population: for each require a response to the negative review will meet the staff of the presidential administration in the same social networks.

The proliferation of “Incident management” in Russia gradually. Initially the system was tested in the Moscow and Moscow region, and only in the spring of 2018 she started working in several other regions. According to the plan, the program shall operate throughout the country by the end of this year.


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