Internet works even if Russia will disconnect from it.

Russian deputies have developed a bill that provides for creation of conditions for full-fledged work of the Russian part of the Internet in the case of blocking access to foreign servers. The bill, drafted under the leadership of the head of the Federation Council Committee on the legislation Andrey Klishas, introduced in the state Duma.

In the explanatory note to the document States that the bill involves the minimization of data transfer between the Russian users abroad. To do this, operators will be required to provide the ability to centrally manage traffic.

To the Russian segment of the Internet was able to work freely in the case of blocking, the deputies called for the creation of a social system DNS. Due to her, even in the case of disconnection of Russia from the global Internet, the Russians will be able to access the Internet and use of various local resources.

Also in the bill it is noted that in the Russian networks must be equipped with special technical means, which will determine the source of traffic. They will allow you to fully restrict access to various resources.

The creators of the bill stressed that the document was prepared “given the aggressive nature of the national cyber security strategy of the United States.”



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