Imagine a young startups, which is no money for business development and investors, but is the invention — for example, he developed new software code. Even in the sad financial situation, you can find from 3 to 45 thousand rubles, to apply for registration of authorship. When this authorship is confirmed by the certificate, it has a cost. And this is just a green light for investors, because the protected code, you can safely invest without worrying that it will steal from under his nose.

In Russia, unfortunately, yet careful attitude to intellectual property. To rely on chance — our all. For some reason, people are more willing to believe in the delusion of the meaninglessness of patents than in success stories. Why Shine of the invention, and then someone adds a piece and peripatetic? However, if bill gates did not patent their software in 1976, ten years later, he became a billionaire as a table, for example, Mikhail Kalashnikov, who decided not to patent his machine.

And we are not talking only about the inventions that changed the world. Ralph Lauren has earned no less than five billion dollars on a much more simple idea — a Polo shirt, he stuck a label with the image of the horse, and then raised the price of this shirt at times, and it has become incredibly popular.

Still think your invention is useful or innovative enough to patent? Millionaires were makers of false teeth for draws under the name “Billy Bob teeth” and inventors of sunglasses for dogs that bring in $ 3 million annually. This intellectual property, and very expensive.

I took it all in my experience. I have 18 patents, is associated with the software code, and is, for example, with the investment of the show — it would seem that it is just an event, but the script and the title is protected, which means no one has the right to use them. Or, for example, my patent on the video display gives the Japanese company Sharp to sell their products with the same name in Russia.

Patents often help in resolving conflicts and litigation. The manufacturer of processors Qualcomm managed to win a court case from Apple has violated the patent and must pay $ 31 million in compensation.

So the question of whether to protect intellectual property, would not come up. To patent easy — something you can understand yourself, the rest will help patent attorneys. Moreover, if a startup, for example, focuses on the foreign markets to European or American patent is sometimes even easier than Russian. At least the advantage that it issued faster.

Bill gates without software patents would not be a billionaire, as became them Mikhail Kalashnikov

For example, there is a Russian app with a monthly turnover of over a million dollars, which shows where the wind blows. In the US, where on all sides the ocean, it is very popular for yachting, surfing, Windsurfing. In Russia, investors wouldn’t have invested in such a product. But if you are targeting the domestic market, work in Russia is also a plus. At least low taxes for small businesses.

But in order for young inventors and scientists we have often thought about protecting their intellectual property, you need to create all the conditions for them to explain, to help, to persuade, to motivate.

Promotion of patenting must begin from school, any child could understand — if he will come up with something new, he will be able to capitalize on this. Perhaps you should have to run a full advertising campaign that would dispel stereotypes and told a real success story and motivate inventors. Intellectual property and its protection must be constantly on the ear. Contribute to this first international conference organized by Rospatent — there you can listen to world experts and learn about the latest trends in this field.

Also often need to organize demonstrations for new technology start-UPS, summarizing the results of the year-who and what to invest, what patents are popular, etc., Need registries of the competent patent attorneys in Europe, awards and bonuses for them to understand who exactly to turn.

It is important to increase not only the number of patents in the country, but the number of their implementations. And this, in my opinion, the care of the state. It is also interested in the fact that the cool designs and technology remained in the country. And the developer is going to one investor, to the second and will eventually go to where it will appreciate.

So, I think, Rospatent with time should turn into a clear marketplace with a showcase of various patents, in which anyone can invest.


In 2018, the Rospatent issued 35.7 thousand patents for inventions and 9.8 thousand patents for utility models. This in 4.4 and 12.4 percent more than in 2017, respectively. Dynamics of patent applications was mixed: invention applications have been filed by 9.4 percent more than in 2017, and the utility model -is 8.8 percent less.

Nearly 40 percent of patent applications and 22 percent of the applications for utility models were filed electronically. In the examination of applications began to apply methods of artificial intelligence.

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