Non-profit organization “Digital economy”, which includes “Yandex”, MTS, “Megaphone”, “Beeline” and other participants of the Russian market IT is proposed to amend the law “On personal data”.

The authors propose to allow companies to share private data with other organizations without informing the users. It will be enough to obtain the permit only once. The document took into consideration the working group on the legal regulation of the digital economy.

Journalists “Sheets” acquainted with the text of the amendments, and its authenticity was confirmed by the SKOLKOVO Foundation.

If the changes will take effect, responsible for the safety of personal data will remain a company that got the information directly from the user. It should publish the list of partners that trust confidential information.

The amendments require that companies will be able to process customer data for purposes deemed beneficial to themselves, and they don’t necessarily agree or discusses with the user.

The authors of the amendments believe that the changes will help to expand the range of services and provide customers with exactly what may be interesting to them.

Representatives of “MegaFon” and “Rostelecom”, told “Vedomosti” that generally support the project, as it improves the processing of personal data.


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