Shortly after the start of sales of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max representatives of major Russian retail chains, said that Apple’s new flagships the iPhone sold much better than X. However, after appearing on store shelves iPhone Xr was that the demand for this new product even higher. Moreover, it exceeds not only the demand for the iPhone X and iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max.

According to the company ATOL, which is developing software for automation of trade and creating services online box office in the first weekend after the release of iPhone Xr buying 34% more than the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. It is possible that this is due to the high price of Apple’s new flagships. However, judging by the reviews, many Russian users were initially not heat treated Xr iPhone, saying that iPhone Xs looks more profitable and interesting.

According to ATOL, in the early days the most popular among buyers of used Xr black iPhone color hard drive 128 GB. For this model, which accounted for about 20% of sales in the Russian Internet-stores. However, many choose a model with 128 GB of internal memory. They accounted for 57% of sales. The basic version of the Xr iPhone with 64 GB of memory chose 32% of buyers, and the top model accounted for about 11% of sales.

It is worth noting that the company is ATOL has provided data for the entire market. The published report shows demand for the iPhone Xr only in online stores. It is possible that in offline points of sale statistics is somewhat different.


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