Will it succeed? Experts believe that there is.

The scandal with the deliberate slowdown in Apple its smartphones have long subsided. However, some iPhone owners from Russia are still trying to sue Apple for it. Today it became known that the Russian plaintiffs failed to seek transfer of the claim to Apple for consideration in Presnensky court of Moscow.

Damages Apple wants to achieve a group of iPhone users, the present law firm Lex Borealis. Initially, they filed a lawsuit towards Apple at the beginning of the year. Then the Tver court of Moscow rejected the plaintiffs due to the fact that their statement did not specify the specific amount that is needed to troubleshoot your iPhone. For exactly the same reason, the court rejected the claims of other disgruntled owners. Including the plaintiff, who demanded compensation from Apple 777 777 rubles as compensation for damages.

Unhappy iPhone owners and lawyers Lex Borealis modified the application and sent it already in the Moscow city court. There the statement have accepted and have submitted to Presnensky court. The meeting will take place on August 13. The plaintiffs demand from Apple compensation in the amount of 50-100 thousand rubles and troubleshoot their smartphones.

Experts believe that the plaintiffs have no chance to sue Apple. Analyst RAEC Karen Ghazaryan said, and all manufacturers to deliberately slow down their smartphones to extend their life span.

At the end of last year revealed that Apple specifically slow down the iPhone 6 and all the newer models with depleted batteries. This is to ensure that the device does not turn off during peak loads. The scandal surrounding this situation erupted due to the fact that Apple didn’t talked about the slowdown. Learn about the normal users who noticed something was wrong. Note that Apple-iPhone.ru alerted readers about slowing Apple their smartphones much earlier than other Russian resources.

To exit from a situation Apple has officially apologized to users, introduced in iOS 11 the ability to disable slow iPhone, and also launched a program to replace batteries at a huge discount. This program will be valid until the end of 2018. Read more about how to replace the battery in your iPhone at heavily discounted price we were told in this article.

Source: RBC.


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