Nothing can be done without a smartphone anywhere now.

Despite the fact that in Russia the crisis rages, when purchasing a smartphone Russians prefer not to skimp. Over the past nine months the average bill of the purchased smartphone exceeded last year’s maximum of 20% and now amounts to 15 200 rubles. The increase in the average cost of a smartphone is due to the desire of users to more advanced devices and the availability of installment.

According to the representative of “M. Video-Eldorado” Valeria Andreeva, shifting consumer demand in favor of more expensive and advanced smartphones is understandable. The Russians are willing to pay more for smartphones with enhanced features. Among the most important functions of smartphones, according to Andreyeva, is a good camera and a means of contactless payment.

Furthermore, the purchase of more expensive smartphones are justified from the economic point of view. More advanced smartphones will serve their owners for longer than the apparatus of the budget segment. An important role in the increase in the average cost of a smartphone is played by the availability of various programs installment.

According to the study, during the period from January to September 2018 were sold 20.9 million smartphones. The proceeds from their sale amounted to 317 billion rubles. The total volume of sold smartphones in the segment of more than 10 thousand rubles equal to 50%. That’s 10% more than last year.

Source: Vedomosti


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