Budget models attract less.

On the Russian market of smartphones in 2018, there has been a shift of consumer interest in more expensive smartphones. This was stated by the representatives of the United company “Svyaznoy Evroset”, which shared data on the sales of smartphones in Russia over the past year.

According to released data, the Russian market of smartphones in 2018 showed growth. In unit terms the growth was only 2% compared to last year. But in monetary terms, from 20%.

Statistics indicates that the Russians began to prefer more expensive smartphones. In particular, in the “Connected-Euronetwork” note that the most popular models with large displays and powerful “filling”. Most of the expensive smartphones sold by the Russians on credit, installments, or other various subsidy programmes, including trade-in.

According to the “Coherent-Euronetwork” to the end of the year will be sold in Russia 29,4 million smartphones for a total amount of 466 billion. The most popular manufacturers on the market of smartphones in Russia remains Samsung, Huawei and Apple.


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