In Russia is gaining popularity buy smartphones through a trade-in, that is, the exchange of the old to the new surcharge. Experts say that people looking for profit and don’t want to put extra effort for self-sale devices.

Over the past year, the number of smartphones sold under the trade-in in “the Messenger” has increased six times. So, during this time, buyers are traded with a surcharge of 180 thousand units. It is interesting that traded most often smartphones from Samsung and Apple.

In the shops of “M. Video — Eldorado” the situation is similar. According to representatives, the sales of the trade-in has increased over the year even more than in 6 times. In the salons of MTS — four times, and in the salons of “VimpelCom” — dozens of times.

How to tell the representatives of the stores, discount when buying a new smartphone trade-in can reach 30-40%. All depends on the model and condition of old phone. And the device premium in good condition can not be exchanged for a budget model, nothing pays.

The experts also noted that people are increasingly exchanging old smartphones, when the market of new flagships from Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

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