Russian private investors with funds of less than 1.4 million rubles prefer to invest in the Russian, and not foreign assets. This writes belongs to Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The most popular objects for investments by private investors — Russian government securities. Thus, the bonds of Federal loan different editions of sovereign dollar Eurobonds “Russia-28” range from 10 percent or more of the attachments. Also among the Russian investors popular investment in the so-called blue chip (stocks of the largest and stable companies). Such companies include, for example, Sberbank, Gazprom, LUKOIL and Magnit. Popular with investors with savings less than 1.4 million rubles and Eurobonds are large companies, such as Gazprom.

The most popular conditional foreign paper are ordinary shares Yandex N. V. registered in the Netherlands, the parent company of the Russian “Yandex”. In “real” foreign stocks among the largest investments account for a very small share of investments — only two of the four brokers of the shares in a given company exceeds one percent of the portfolio. We are talking about Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Mastercard. The share of Visa, Global Payments, PayPal has less percentage of investments.

According to the latest version of amendments to the bill of the Bank of Russia on the categorization of investors, Russian investors with savings less than 1.4 million rubles will lose the opportunity to buy securities of foreign companies that are not traded on Russian exchanges. Under the category of these investors get 80 per cent of broker clients in connection with the past has criticized the initiative. In October, the regulator said he was ready to make concessions and may abandon the rigid restrictions on investors ‘ savings is less than 1.4 million rubles and leave them the opportunity to invest in risky assets.

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