For refusing registration of the promise lock.

The senators have drafted a bill that will introduce in Russia the paid registration of all devices with Internet access, including smartphones. In the near future the bill will be sent to the state Duma for consideration. If the proposal is approved by senators, the tax on smartphones and other devices with SIM cards will be introduced from February 1, 2020.

A tax on smartphones

The draft law proposes to oblige producers and importers of mobile devices to perform pay check by IMEI. Also in the document it is noted that the acquired abroad devices Russians will be able to register right on the website services.

Registration will be paid for ordinary Russians and for manufacturers and importers. Developed the bill the first Deputy of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Lyudmila Bokova noted that “though the registration is paid, its price will not exceed 100 rubles.”

Lyudmila Bokova

All the data registered in Russia the device will be stored in dedicated databases, Scientific research of the Institute of communication systems and management (crid). By creating a database of the IMEI proposed to solve the problem of theft of smartphones. The owner of the stolen smartphone will be able to request a device lock to be executed remotely.

The bill clearly describes what will happen to the Russians who refuse to register the IMEI of their devices. Mobile operators will be obliged to block such devices, if within a few months after the start of use in Russia, they were not registered.

Source: RBC.


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