The combined company “Coherent | Euronetwork” has summed up the online sales of smartphones in the Russian market from January to April 2019.

According to the retailer, for 4 months the Russians acquired 35% of the smartphones are more in volume than a year earlier, which was a record increase in sales of smartphones in the last three years. The total number of smartphones sold in online channels amounted to 1.4 million units in the amount of 27 billion rubles.

The average cost of the smartphone, bought online, increased by 3% and amounted to 19 380 rubles. The most popular brands in the pieces of steel Xiaomi, Honor and Samsung. Money, as in the previous year, the leader remains Apple.

Vice President of sales David Borzilov said: “In 2019, the share of online sales continues to grow. This is due to the fact that today in the regions, the Internet has become more accessible, an increasing proportion of mobile traffic, and retailers are rapidly developing their logistics infrastructure, which makes the process of delivery of the goods to the buyer much faster. I note online the Russians make their choice in favor of more expensive smartphones. From April to may, the largest increase in the money showed a category of smartphones that cost over 60 thousand roubles — 24%”. Mainly it is the flagship model that meets all the requirements of modern users.”

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